Termes & Conditions

Tek & Lion LLC
Ten of Chavalon 69
CH-1844 Villeneuve

  • General conditions for the training with the EdahV (School of watchmaking arts Villeneuve) Department
  1. Our training courses are certified Eduqua
  2. Prices are fixed and may be subject to change without notice
  3. A finance of CHF 500. is requested for registration training. It is intended the creation of the training place and the administrative part of the new learning. In case of withdrawal to the training, the finance of the entry of CHF 500. is not refundable, it is deducted from the price of the training if it is taken.
  4. The exams take place about 1 1/2 day, they are composed of 3 parts, oral, theeorie & practical. the practical part is validated by an expert.
  5. The conditions for the examination: attending at least 80% of the training, 16 years of age, have paid fully finance courses.
  6. If I fail the exam, a 2nd chance can be given after 1 month payment of finance review of CHF 200.
  7. Learners funded by an institution are subject to the rules of their institution and the Edahv. In all cases, once the training is begun, case the total amount is due.
  8. Learners must personally ensure with their Fund for accidents. No support by TL.
  9. For foreign students and / or for the benefit of a visa, Tek & Lion declines any responsibility in every respect outside of official presences in the premises.
  • General conditions for the watch stays
  1. Watch stays pay cash before the stay. No infrastructure will be available in the event of default and Tek & Lion will not be held responsible.
  2. People booking a watchmaker stay at Tek & Lion are required to be in possession of a residence permit valid in Switzerland, T & L disclaims any liability in this respect.
  3. The extent or T & L depends on external providers over which it has no authority and in the case or T & L reserves the right to modify the stay in conditions equivalent to the initial order.
  • Legal for Vouvry, valais